Stopping the thretting craze
    Stopping that begging assess
    Does it let the way down or not
    As some thing peculiar makes the lot ?
    Do I pray enough to get a rid dance ?
    Do I pray lightly to enjoy the silence ?
    Enough is that clutch to plead
    Enough is that word to seed
    Nothin' else can be lost when you're in the doom
    No one else could prevent you from reaching that room



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    If I have to be a loser
    Never mind what’s in my heart
    When my life seems in danger
    I may rashly hurt
    I may even destroy
    The best rhythm I’ll intend
    To rule my odd ploy.
    Should I really give someone a hand
    If I’ve felt some seeings and fights
    I don’t need my feeling to be new
    I worship just as it all sights
    But if my doubts make me look too blue
    Don’t try !
    Don’t cry !
    I am as innocent
    As a boy child
    Knowing that you drive his tend
    While he needs to be wild.




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     In my rucksack you can find a lot
    In my rucksack you can see how is my life on the spot
    In my rucksack I can show you I am hot
    In my rucksack go and see what my things are not

    Come silently and fill it with your thought
    Come tenderly and make me of you sweat
    I want you inside without any naught
    Prove me your aims directly in that bed

    In my rucksack you can find my love
    In my rucksack you can feel a full
    In my rucksack I can give you heavens above
    In my rucksack don’t rush my things need a little pull

    Come deeply and make me dream
    Come truly in the best of you in appearance
    I want you to perform my team
    Prove your worship in perseverance

    In my rucksack you can beg my pardon
    In my rucksack you can trust my devotion
    In my rucksack I can nick your gardening notion
    In my rucksack don’t sudden things I need emotion


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